There are more choices for printing now than ever before. From giant internet printers to large national chains to your local shop next door. DPI is proud to be one of those shops next door. Every print vendor out there offers many of the same services we do. Very often, price is the biggest concern you may have. DPI may not always have the lowest price, but we will always be competitive. However, we offer a lot of benefits that big companies, and certainly an internet printer, cannot.

Personalized service when you walk in our door
Although most of our business is done through email and our website today, you can still walk in and discuss your project with someone with years of experience in the industry.

The ability to speak directly to the people working on your job
It's not always easy to speak through a middle man - be it a telephone representative or an outside sales rep. And it can be frustrating when those are your only options. We can make sure that you speak directly to the person who will understand best.

Print and paper samples
Computer technology has come a long way, but there still isn't a way to feel paper through a computer screen, or to see exactly how that glossy stock looks when printed. Come into our shop and browse samples. Hold in your hands finished jobs that will help you best decide what you want for your projects.

Immediate satisfaction
Questions? Something not right with a job? Last minute additions? We are right here. We don't have an operator, or a call center. When you call DPI, somebody who has worked on your job will answer the phone. And you will never see an automatic reply from us telling you that "you'll get an email from us regarding your order in a few days."